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  • I'm under 18; Can I come to the 2024 Motocross of Nations on my own?
    All Adult ticket holders (16+) can enter the event on their own. Children and Junior will need a paying adult to accompany them.
  • Can I walk the track?
    The general public are not allowed at ANY point in the event to walk on the track This is for safety reasons. The barriers around the track are put in place for a reason, please remain on the correct half of them. Excuses involving 'But we're allowed to everywhere else' will not hold water. Security will be around the track area and you may be escorted from the event if you are caught flouting the rules.
  • Can I bring my own sound system?
    Entertainment will be on in the evenings for those who prefer louder music. Camping is split into General, Party and Family. We would kindly ask that if you do intend to play your own music you do so in the Party section, and you still abide to the noise time limits for your chosen camping section.
  • What happens if I arrive at 5am?
    Arriving during non-operational hours means you would have to stay in the holding area of the campsite entrance until the following morning where you will be directed in.
  • Can I trade / advertise at the MXoN?
    please email us at and we will do our best to assist you!
  • Can I bring alcohol?
    There will be no alcohol allowed to be brought into the arena, although alcohol can be consumed in your own camper or caravan to your own discretion, provided you don't act in an antisocial manner. Please remember glass is banned from the site and will be confiscated if not kept within your camper. There will be searches at the gate entrances. The MXoN Team are responsible for everyone’s safety and we have to participate in the correct monitoring of alcohol, the whole bar area will be run by an experienced bar event management team who are required to adhere to Winchester’s strict licensing policies. The MXoN Team has worked hard to find such a competent and well-structured team who will deliver a safe environment along with a good choice of alcohol that is not over-priced. The event area remains a Greenfield site where animals will return to afterwards. Please remember this is a family event and therefore no disorderly behaviour will be accepted. Please also put your Aluminium cans in the correct refuse bin. Please remember this a World championship sporting, we do not want to lose this event due to the a few minority drunks, have fun be merry but enjoy the weekend and then you can do the same next year! Please carry a form of ID if you look under 25 to prove you are at least 18 to buy alcohol.
  • Can I smoke anywhere?
    The legislation about not smoking inside in public places applies in tented venues such as the beer tent on site, therefore smoking is forbidden in these public areas. Smoking is permitted in personal campers or tents as according to British law.
  • Will it be easy to access / leave the site?
    The whole MXoN experience is designed to make you the spectator enjoy a great time from arrival to when you leave. Please note that due to the events size there will always be the capacity for problems when entering or leaving the parking/camping site. We have extensive traffic plans put into place to minimize disruption to the surrounding areas and to make exiting more efficient, however, you can help by being prepared for a wait just in case and staggering your leaving times. Staying in camping on Sunday night and leaving on Monday is also an option.
  • Can I bring a dog?
    We strongly advise against bringing any pets on site, and they will not be permitted in the main arena, only the campsite. This will be a busy event with large crowds, loud noise, food stalls and professional athletes trying to do a job, which is unfair on the dog and potentially the riders should an issue arise.
  • Can I bring a motorhome?
    Motorhomes, caravans and tents are all welcome in the Camping and Camping XL pitches. For our Camping Lite there are no vehicles allowed as these will be in a car park near the campsite. You will need to buy a camping pass and each person staying in the vehicle must have a valid weekend ticket. You must also have a camping wristband to enter the camping area (2 are given with Camping Lite, 4 are given with camping pass, 6 with Camping XL) extra camping wristbands are £10 each. The pitch size is 4mx4m for Lite, 8x6m for Camping and 12x6m for Camping XL.
  • Is the MXoN family friendly?
    Yes! There will be plenty of toilets, food vendors, trade area and alongside the main motocross action there will be a number of different side shows including fairground rides for children and extreme rides for the adults. There will also be a separate family camping area for those wanting a more peaceful weekend.
  • Can I bring a BBQ?
    Open fires and candle flares are strictly forbidden for safety reasons. You may use BBQ's that are raised off the ground.
  • Will there be medical care available?
    There will be ample medical care 24/7 provided by a large number of trained staff including doctors and medical professionals. The medical tent can be found next to event control, near the second riders paddock.
  • Is the MXoN suitable for me if I have a disability?
    Please contact before the event so we can provide you with the best solutions to your personal needs. In the past we have been able to help a number of guests with disabilities enjoy their weekend with minimal disruption.
  • Important things to note
    Please do not bring fireworks, pit bikes, electric scooters, glass containers, potential weapons, and portable laser equipment including laser pens or any illegal or offensive items. This is a family friendly event so antisocial and illegal behaviour will not be tolerated: ejection, possibly without return, will be the outcome. There will be strict security to make sure all behaviour is correct. We understand that many keen motocross goers will be used to the more relaxed environment at the international GP's, however Health and Safety legislation is much stricter for large events such as these in England, therefore it is VERY important to take care and check the rules on things you can bring/do. For example, pit bikes are not allowed, alcohol may not be brought in past the camping but can be bought (due to alcohol regulation laws) inside the entertainment area, etc. If you have any questions or complaints, please contact instead of complaining elsewhere so we can try and improve for the better where we can.
  • My child looks older than they are
    If you think that your child may look older than a 9 year old, please bring some form of identification so we can ensure they are admitted at the reduced price. The same applies if you are 15 and look older, please bring ID so we can ensure you are admitted with a child ticket.
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